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Maybelline New York, branded as Maybelline New York City or Shortened to Maybeline, is an American-based New York City multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company headquartered in New York City was founded in New York City in 1915, based in New York City and a subsidiary of French cosmetics company L'Oréal.

Charmaine of Melbourne, Australia gave the brand too many chances, saying, "I purchased the Mabelline hypersharp wing eyeliner claiming to twist & have a thin tip & a thicker one: what a load of nonsense! It doesnt 'twist' at all!! I brought a 2nd one thinking perhaps the 1st was faulty but nope, same thing again! Marketing gimmick which is false & misleading! Waste of money, total ripoff. Will never purchase Mabelline again."


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Assembly Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about their workers, especially the temps. They treat you like your dumb. They only give bonuses to their full time workers. The pay stinks and temps work harder then the full timers. They will hire a person off the street for a full time position before they will give it to a temp worker."

Crew (Current Employee) says

"Stressful environment. Lacking workers which cause alot of argument with other workers. Food is being stolen out of the friderators.... managers are not taking matters serious."

FCL (Former Employee) says

"It was dealing with a lot of lifting to load on carts to put a belt to be sent to the end of the line and put on pallets and on to a truck to be shipped in the US"

Up6 packer (Current Employee) says

"If you are looking for a job to make money every week, this job is ok, but this job is not worth it, the mangers are very irresponsible, they don’t do there job as managers, and they show favoritism"

Replenisher (Former Employee) says

"The first few months working there was great. You first start working the replenishing area. Its like you live in that area. It somewhat was bad because if you had a group of 2-4 people on a line and they weren't really helping to keep lights green, management never really did much but fuss about keeping the lights green even though they would watch a person slack. Eventually if you bug them enough you'll get moved to the packing area which is OK. but the standing in one spot for 10 hours kills your legs. depending on which shift you are on depends on if you have to clean up after First shift. We were told we were the support of First shift. Basically YOU clean up after them and Whatever they dont do, YOU do it. They get to eat all kinds of stuff on the floor and not get penalized for it but if your on the Second shift you will get sent to the office. The dock is good if you have a strong team and no slackers. Once they get behind it slows down the WHOLE process. The stocker job is hectic for one person ESPECIALLY when they cant find the product because its in the back and even the people in the back cant find it. If you are a favorite you are more likely to get positions over someone else even if your not qualified for it. If you are looking for a job to just go to work and go home and can overlook the high school themed environment, then you'll be good. Management and even team leaders dont really address issues there. They just overlook it until you do something then thats when they have an issue with u. They make you sign a harassment form to make it seem like they dont Cons: Lack of acknowledging work ethic, lack of Good Management, HIGH level of favoritism, LONG HOURS sometimes, Involuntary 12-hr shifts"

Picker (Current Employee) says

"The goal for each day is to pick a 1000 units. I normally pull 1500-2000 units and it is still not good enough for employer."

mercaderista (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que no tenia beneficios si los jefes eran linads p0ersonas pero solo nos contrataban para campañas Cons: EL DESCANSO ERAN FERIADOS Y DIAS DE SEMANA"

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"It is very fine working there its the people they have running the place as in the team leads, and managements. They are very rude and do no handle situations appropriately and professionally. Cons: Poor employee treatment"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"I chose to not respond about this job title. not about a work day nor what i have learned. i chose to not speak on management or the hardest part of the job. Cons: no answer"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was any typically day it was just the fact or worker so hard for so little pay. Proving yourself in order to get hired on permanently because you never knew when you're job assignment might end with it being a temp agents not secure."

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Very high stressed environment. Lack of communication. Poor management. Low work morale. Working under unsafe conditions. Unfair discrimination. No ability to move forward. Cons: Short and unfair breaks"

Operator/laborer (Former Employee) says

"when i got there it was straight to the line i ran. most of the time the employees from the shift before left the work area messy and didnt care about the people coming in behind them. I enjoyed working with my mentor because when he taught me things he would break everything down for me. hardest part of this job was keeping all the machines supplied, the most enjoyable part was learning how the robots worked and repairing them Cons: no advancement, poor managment"

Package Handler/Sorter (Current Employee) says

"It's an okay job, it not a job I enjoy, but I'm a hard working person, Some of the people are okay until it's gets busy. Then everyone wants to get an attitude and I'm not okay with that."

Line Leader/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day consists of pulling products making sure the shrink machine is operating properly to make sure the line was moving consistently. Packaging products and shipping"

stocker (Current Employee) says

"Its productive and is and okay place to work if you dont want to ever move up in the company. Cons: none for temporary employees"

Staffmark Temp Service (Former Employee) says

"The whole temporary thing was the only issue. It was ok for the most part. I believe they could have paid more and did more of hirin temps on full time then what they did. Cons: temporary-pay"

Assembly Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"This job is really easy. The only thing you do is stock or pack and send it off to the company who has ordered it. The hardest part is having to work and not have any fun while doing it. Cons: short breaks, boring work"

vendedora e caixa (Former Employee) says

"Horários ruins, prendem o funcionário 100% em função da empresa. Os "benefícios" não contemplam as necessidades dos funcionários."

Promoter (Former Employee) says

"it was a long duty every day,i learned to promote and love the product i handled, good management,good co-workers,i enjoy the work every duty. Cons: long hours of duty"

Staff mark (Former Employee) says

"I believe that the experience I got wail working for this company will pay off in the long run, I leaned how to persevere threw the good times and also threw the bad times, the ups and the downs, when I felt like quilting and throwing in the towel. Cons: It felt as if the machine kelp breaking down and on one could solve the problem to save the day."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"I have been working at Maybelline full-time Cons: Going into office no to be on conference calls on socially distance. Most other companies have extended remote work. Doesn't make any sense."

Former Employee - Make-Up Artist says

"I worked at Maybelline part-time Cons: No lunch break some days"

Former Employee - Consulting Analyst says

"I worked at Maybelline full-time for more than a year Cons: None from my experience, coffee is not free just"

Current Employee - Sales says

"I have been working at Maybelline part-time for less than a year Cons: Hours are long and a lot of standing"

Chloe Adams says

"I saw the rabbits they tested their products on. Absolutely horrific. Oozing eyes from having loreal products dripped into them, their fur falling out in chunks with large burns on their skin. Animal testing is evil"

Anna Natalia says

"Customer service is shocking.received wrong product and they couldn't send me the right one as it was out of stock. They offered a refund a week ago. Asked for a confirmation, haven't heard from them since 30th December. Keep sending emails few times a day..echo..such a bad customer service. Well disappointed. Will have to raise a complaint with Resolver."

Grandan says

"Ever purchased shampoo/conditioner that smells so bad after use that you wake up in the night feeling nauseous? Try Elvive Full Restore 5! Ever dealt with a company so smug they don't have a way for customers to query such a foul product? Try Elvive/L'Oreal. Ever dealt with a so-called customer service team that don't read emails, or give a functioning return email address? Try L'Oreal. After 10 odd weeks and numerous attempted email interactions with this crew, they say they will send a £5 voucher. This hardly covers the cost of driving somewhere to replace this noxious product, which I bought during lockdown, my regular product having vanished. However, they won't send it to the address I have given them 2 or 3 times in the email thread. No, they want me to send my address. I don't know how long this circular back and forth might go on; it is impressive, but not in an admirable way. Maybe it is just the team who (eventually) read emails at L'Oreal; but one has to assume it is a self-satisfied attitude that comes from the top."

Disappointed L'oreal customer says

"I love & have been using other L'oreal products, but the "Rosy SPF15 re-fortifying Day Cream" is a disappointment, it stains my clothes and gives an orange dark tint to my face. I wish I could return the product."

Bronwin Gouws says

"So disappointed, I always Buy radiant beige 22 and now to find that the numbers have changed and Radiant Beige is nowhere to be found. Looks like I’ll have to start with a new brand."

LEE says

"LOREAL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS MANGED BY COMPANY CALLED HGS Effat Chowdury who works there and has full access to customers accounts is a theft she was convicted of stealing from a elderly disabled women after she took a job to care for her to take her kids on hoilday. Still works for the company and handles your money! GOOGLE HER!!"

April Gray says

"All products are trashed and I currently searching for a new day and night cream product that has integrity."

Monika says

"Company that has no honesty and dignity and supports abusers, will not be honest towards customers. Loreal made choice to support Amber, so let it be. No more Loreal and affiliated brands at my home."

Gail Kristiansen says

"Bought my usual 7 natural dark blonde and got very dark brown hair.....spoke to Loreal and asked for various codes. The box that said it 7 on actually had 5.3 in!!! No help to fix and blamed on people swapping colours in boxes. So if your going to use check the code on the actual tubes, it looks like t10530 or something similar and the middle numbers are the shade....5.3 in this case!!"

Mr Peter Chambers says

"My partner wouldn't touch your products with a barge pole, not since you condone violence against men... #justice4johnny"

Rachel-Leanne Edwards says

"My bottle (4th or 5th bottle) of L'Oréals' Hydra Genius Alie water moisturiser turned up with the pump completely broken... After several attempts & emails/messages back & forth, repeating myself time & time again, sending pictures, a video & the batch no. & order no.etc. (again, several times) ..... After being given advice on how to fix it which did NOT work & was NEVER going to.... I got x 2 £3 L'Oréal PAPER voucher, in the POST!?!! The moisturiser in its own is worth more than £6?!!! Come on L'ORÉAL... you're a big enough company, im a loyal customer, you have MY EMAIL address... what the f***???! So disappointed in how you handled this & what you thought was a GOOD ENOUGH COMPENSATION???"

Robert Bruno says

"Supports domestic abuse"

debbie purewal says

"I used the L’Oréal Preference hair dye P67. The colour is good, but I’m unable to rinse it all off, and worst still it drips, so it stained my neck, dripped onto the floor and all over the bathroom. It took a really long time to clean up afterwards and I’m also worried it’s going to stain my pillows."

Jacqueline Tull says

"Recently used a l’loreal colour. Product good. However the cheap protector gloves were absolute rubbish. Really let the product down."

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